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Solving libtool error on Gentoo

First post in english , why?

  • This is an international issue,  a “bug” during the Gentoo update process;
  • I want to be found by Google searches.

Everything begins with a not good idea, trying to update my Gentoo box. A simple task, except for broken dependencies errors generated due the change of some libraries versions and 2 days of compilation+errors. 😛

After running emerge -ap –newuse –deep –update world, all is need to do is sit and wait. Just in theory haha.

Things was getting annoying when some ebuilds were complaing about .la files that has been removed from the system (libtool: link: `xxx/xxx/’ is not a valid libtool archive), even the use of revdep-rebuild couldn’t fix the problem, I have to use –skipfirst parameter to delay errors while searching for a solution. According to the gentoo-devs and this bug report (with a funny discution. See the number of duplicated bugs too), it’s ok if some .la files are deleted finishing with a broken system…

What’s not well reported at all, is that a simple package could fix it (also can be found in previous bug report link), lafilefixer. To repair, just run the following commands:

1. To install package
# emerge lafilefixer

2. Running and fixing broken libraries
# lafilefixer –justfixit

After that, things were fine =)